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Fred Brito & Larry Agresto Are Taking America By Storm


Larry Agresto

About Larry Agresto

Larry Agresto is a Life & Success Coach and the founder of Peak Performance Coaching.

He has written several e-books; “The Journey, The Principles of Success, What’s Stopping You and The 21 Day Breakthrough.” His latest e-book is entitled “The Power of Magical Thinking.”

Larry spent 25 years in the IT Consulting Sector, the last 13 years in senior management as a Regional Vice President, Vice President of Sales and Sales Trainer. He transitioned into a Life Coach after he lost his wife and suddenly became a single parent in May of 1995. He has a BA from Bentley College in Business/Government and an AA in Psychology/Education.

The Journey
by Larry Agresto

In May of 1995, I suddenly lost my first wife and mother of my two daughters, Jody to a very rare illness called a pheochromacytoma. In short, it’s a benign tumor on the adrenal gland, which grows until it explodes, when this happens the adrenal gland malfunctions & remains permanently open. Over time, this causes the heart to race based on an over dose of adrenalin & epinephrine. Jody had a major heart attack at home, right in my arms. All of this transpired within 24 hours. It felt like a horrible dream.

Robert Frost once said “There is a time for departure, even when there is no certain place to go.” The girls and I had no choice but to take a new direction in our lives. I’m not ashamed to tell you I was terrified. I was always a pretty good father but I needed reinforcements, this was new, scary territory. I tapped into a spiritual strength I never knew I had. I spoke out loud to God whenever I was alone, in the shower, in the car, at night in bed. I asked to be blessed with divine guidance, courage, strength, and to say and do the right things for my girls. I began meditating daily for about 20 minutes, which I still do to this day. I visualized my girls and I doing things together and I saw them thriving. Those were my daily images, only positive outcomes. I found comfort in books like Kubler Ross’s “On Death and Dying,” Hope Edelman’s “Motherless Daughter’s” & Cosby’s “Fatherhood.” I learned first hand what being grateful for life and those we love, truly means.

I worked very hard at balancing what was normal for my girls and not ignoring the death of their Mother. Julia, Lauren and I hugged and cried every day. I made certain that they knew emotionally, that we had one another. If I sensed they were going into a shell, I would try to interact and relate to them by asking them questions about friends, clothes, school etc. I made it a point to do everything as a family. We went grocery shopping together, out for ice cream and had them help make dinner on a regular basis. I wanted them to feel secure and know their Dad wasn’t going anywhere.

I had developed insomnia. Every night for weeks, I would sit on the floor of Jody’s walk in closet, pick out one of her blouses and wrap it around my neck and shoulders. Breathing her in, I’d cry myself to sleep. At first I didn’t tell the girls about it, but something told me to share it all with them. I think it helped the girls feel okay about their own experiences and sharing them with me. After a week home, the school counselor and I agreed that my daughters’ lives should get back to normal. So, Lauren and Julia went back to school. I remember it being a beautiful sunny day. I decided to walk the 200 yards to the bus stop to meet them. I could tell they were upset as they got off the bus, which I’d expected of their first day back. We walked in tense silence, once we entered the safe haven of the house, both girls burst into tears. After a few moments of a much needed emotional release, they shared their day with me.

Amazingly they’d discovered a pair of sisters, one in Lauren’s class and the other in Julia’s who had lost their mother to breast cancer, one week after our loss. I remembered thinking to myself “I need to reach out to Kevin (the father) and just let him know he's not alone.” Immediately, the thought of creating a Support Group for fathers who'd lost their wives entered my mind and was put into action soon thereafter. And thus began my journey toward becoming a Life Coach.

I started looking at everything differently, I turned down a promotion at work promising more money and more travel, and accepted a lower level position to be closer to home and more available to my girls. My self-reflection eventually led me to completely walk away from corporate America to focus on my Life Coach career. As my priorities shifted, I’d become aware of the joy, peace and love that are possible in the simple every day things. My previously conceived notions of what I wanted for my life fell away. I know that when life closes a door another one always opens. It is my deepest desire to help others find the best path to their open door.


1) The Behavioral Equation
Thought, Behavior, Action, Results
Thought creates behavior, which develops action, which powers results

2) The Pillars of Behavior
Self-Image, Perception & Belief
Self-Image - how you see yourself, is who you are
Perception - who you are (self-image) is how you see yourself in the world
Belief - belief is power, whatever you believe in - positive/negative, good/bad

3) Be Aware
Thoughts are things i.e. vibrational energy
Being Aware (as a witness/observer) of your thoughts is the first step to change
i.e. behavior, action, results.
Change the inside & you change the outside

4) The Power of Now
You have the power to create your day & the life that you live.
You have the power to choose & create in each & every moment.
Being present is the only place where you can truly create power.
Past based thoughts represent “limited thinking.”

5) The Power of Magical Thinking
Truly believing in yourself, is the first step in discovering your True Potential
Self-Belief allows you to discover your True Potential
Your True Potential creates Unlimited Thinking = Unlimited Possibilities

Larry Agresto
Peak Performance Coaching

Think Magic!

Larry Agresto
Life & Success Coach
Peak Performance Coaching
(978) 649-1020

Fred Brito

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The Power 2 B U
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Lost your job, Home, Family, Friends and Hope?

At the end of your rope and about, to just give up?

Just can't seem to get a job?

Don’t like whom you see in the mirror everyday?

No matter if America is in an economic slump... Jobs are plentiful,
IF you know how to do it and how to live Second to None!

Don't despair hope is now here in New Mexico!

This is a non-religious seminar to take place in the evening between 7:00pm and 9:00pm. It is not related to any sales job or gimmick. It is a twelve-week program that is about teaching YOU how to win at everything that you chose to do. It is based on developing Life Skills that have been proven to work over and over again.

My client has been seen on full hour exclusives of Oprah, 60 Minutes, Dr. Phil and Dateline. He has given seminars worldwide and now he is coming to New Mexico.

There is absolutely NO cost for this twelve-week seminar. No one should be prevented from coming to this seminar because they don’t have money.

If you desire a new life and a new beginning, then this seminar is what you will need in order to unlock the door to achieve your fullest potential.

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All participants are requested to attend every class in order to achieve the full results. And there is more. This seminar does not end after twelve weeks. When the seminar is finished, my client will continue to work with you one on one until you have achieved your mission and dream.

There is only ONE person in America who can literally turn people lives around. He has done it over and over again, and he is a Master at overcoming barriers and turning "Lemons into Lemonade."

Participating in this twelve-week program literally guarantees your success. If you listen carefully and follow each and every step, you WILL accomplish anything and everything that you have ever dreamed possible.

The Seminar:

First Day:
Class Orientation and Registration:
No cost to anyone

Classes are two hours each for 15 days

Tearing down and rebuilding
who we choose to become.

Looking in the mirror.
Performing a daily Self Inventory:
Who are you? And where are you going?

Looking forward, not backwards.

Inspiring and Motivating yourself.
It's all-mental. Visualizing success.

Putting your boots on and getting back
out to the real world with a new mind.

Getting started
Rebuilding a New You.

Character, Values, Morals and Trust

Reading other people.
The Handshake, Body language, Eye Contact.
Listening to what is NOT said.

Learning to speak with Eloquence, Power and Conviction

What is. . .
Cooperation, Due Diligence, Teamwork, Dependability,
Accountability Responsibility, Collaboration, Being proactive,
Intuition, Instincts Reality based thinking.
Visualization and how to focus on the prize.

Your Image
It is not what you wear, but how you wear it. Dress to win.
Smell to win. Looking like a profession from the inside out.

The Actor in You
Turning an introvert into an extrovert.
Part of winning is acting like you have already won.
The world is one huge stage and the spotlight is on YOU.

Self-Marketing. Putting your best self forward
Many tools and how to use them.
Learning how the computer can work for you.

Motivation, Inspiration and exuding success
The situation does NOT control YOU.
YOU control the situation. Breaking down the barriers within.

Putting it all together.
Getting a high paying position
Performing your due diligence
The Cover Letter
The Resume
The Interview
Education or lack there of.
So you have been hired, Now what?

Personal Economy
Saving and different forms of banking.
Savings accounts verses Money Market
Credit verses using a Debit Card
Checking accounts
Living on a budget
Grocery shopping. Comparing prices.
How to get more bang for the buck.

Looking for a place to live
Apartment verses a home
Buying a home verses renting
Making an offer to rent or buy. You name the price, not them.

Crawling, walking, biking, busing and having your own car.

Going Home
Graduation Day!

Contact us immediately for sign-up.
Space is limited to 500 participants.

This seminar moves to:

Los Angeles
San Francisco
San Diego

Before beginning television production of
"The Extreme Makeover from The Inside Out"

Press Release:



There is only one way
to get a six figure job,
and I'll show you how.

Moving up: How to
move up the corporate
ladder: This class is for
executives seeking to advance.

Writing a bullet proof resume
and cover letter that will get
you hired:

How to turn a lemon into
lemonade and Win every time!

Detecting Deception in
the Job Interview.

Reclaiming your identity.

Winning against all odds.

Unleash the Power within.

Leadership in a time of crisis.

Creative thinking and
embracing change.

Communicate with Power
and Conviction.

Marketing: The Secrets they
did not teach you in
Graduate School.

How to Win and never lose.

Write the resume that will
get you hired every time.

Speak like you know what
you are talking about.

Breaking down barriers:
Don't kill yourself, do it
the easy way.

. . . and much more!

Local, State and Federal

Session One:

White Collar Crime 101 for 2009

Session Two:

Exposing internal theft and
document fraud in the work place.

Session Three:

Exposing internal corruption

The Paula Pergan Agency
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